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Title Area Description Points Price
Drafting Commercial Contracts Commercial You will learn about drafting a commercial contract. This entails the type and form of contracts, the contract drafting process and some considerations, contract drafting and art or a science-a discussion, commercial awareness, introduction to contract law and terms of a contract and contract management issues. 2 £ 48.00  Add To Cart 
Email Explained Internet/Computing You will learn what is required to send emails, receive incoming emails and attach files to your emails. 2 £ 48.00  Add To Cart 
Internet Web Browsers in Plain English Internet/Computing You will learn the principals of what a web browser is, as well as a detailed tutorial on how to use one to naviagte around the internet. 2 £ 48.00  Add To Cart 
The History of the Internet Internet/Computing You will learn about the origins of the Internet and the basics of it workings. You will gain an understanding of the beginnings of the World Wide Web. 2 £ 48.00  Add To Cart 
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